Membership Reciprocity


The Y is for youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. We want you to stay active and healthy, through spirit, mind, and body, wherever you travel in Pennsylvania. As a benefit of a YMCA membership, bring your membership card and photo ID and enjoy free access to every Y in Pennsylvania. So get out and explore Pennsylvania and stay connected to the Y!

To find a Y in your area visit, for a full list of participating YMCAs, CLICK HERE.

Some restrictions may apply. My Y is Every Y participants must use their home branch at least 50% of the time. Please call or visit the website of the Y you plan to visit for schedules and to confirm participation.

General Information

The spirit behind the reciprocity program is founded in the belief that the Y is one movement and that we want to encourage members to utilize the Y as often as they can in order to meet their health and wellness goals. Sometimes, it is more convenient for a Y member to utilize a Y in a different location when traveling, near a workplace, or in another region. This program allows active, full facility/full privilege members this flexibility to use other Y facilities and therefore also increases the value of Y membership.


Who is eligible to participate in the program?
The program is for active full facility/full privilege Y members whose home Y participates in the program without restrictions or blackout periods and is located in Pennsylvania. In order to participate, Y members must maintain an active full facility/full privilege membership at their home Y. Members with a short term membership (i.e. summer only) are also eligible to use the reciprocity benefit throughout their membership term. However, reciprocal membership privileges can be revoked for a few select reasons- please contact the Y for more information.


Is there a fee to participate?
No, this program is offered as a benefit for all active full facility/full privilege members. All the member must do is maintain an active membership at their home Y.


Does this replace the AWAY (Always Welcome at the YMCA) program?
No, the AWAY program still exists. Visitors from states outside Pennsylvania should use the AWAY program. Pennsylvania Y members may use the AWAY program when visiting a Y outside of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Y members visiting a Y in Pennsylvania should use the reciprocity program with participating Ys as there is no additional fee, which might not be the case with the AWAY program.


How do I find out about restrictions in place at other YMCAs?
Each YMCA is required to outline any program participation restrictions on their website. Please go to the website of the Y you intend to use, or call the Y, prior to visiting.


How to use it:


What do I need to present when I wish to use my reciprocal membership?
You should present your YMCA membership card and a current photo ID when using a YMCA other than your home Y. If you do not have your membership card, you may still be able to use the facility if you have a valid photo ID. No one will be admitted without a valid photo ID.


What if I want to register for a class at a different YMCA?
Reciprocal members are considered non-members or “program/community” members of all YMCAs except their home YMCA and may register for programs and classes at other YMCAs following the same procedure and fee schedule as any other non-member.


What if I want to bring a guest into a Y other than my home Y?
As reciprocal members are not full-privilege/full facility members of other Ys they visit, they are not entitled to bring guests (i.e. non-Y members) into those facilities. Therefore, Ys should
always refer to their non-member visit policy in these situations.


What about behavior issues?
Reciprocal members must abide by each Y’s code of conduct at all times. If any reciprocal member violates any policies or code of conduct of a visiting Y at any time, the visiting Y can deny access to that member and block him or her from usage just from that visiting Y. It is recommended that the visiting Y notify the home Y of such situations in case the home Y would choose to take similar action.


For more information, please contact the YMCA you are interested in visiting to speak with a membership representative.